Summer 2011, where are you ? :(

Aaaah, holidays! Who doesn't like it? NOBODY! Everybody is waiting for the next summer, no? Because then we can go in another country, eat thousands ice-creams, sleaps at 2.00AM, go away with friends, summerloves, etc. It's like the heaven! In the summer we are away from all this bored lessons and those anoying teachers. What I think that's the most perfect thing, is that you can sleep how many time you want. Oh! I didn't have to forget! All the perfect festivals begins with our favorites artist. 

Xoxo A.M.

This is for Yvainke!

3 commentaires:

  1. ahah me gusta tu blog, es sensacional!
    te pasas por el mio?
    te sigoo^^

  2. te sigo
    me encanta ¡