Hello people! :)
Before at all! I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! I hope that tonight you're gonna have a lot of christmaspresents! & make a lot of fun with de persons you love. It's to say; your family, friends, maybe boy- or girlfriend. I only ask you something. Tonight when you're eating something really good & you're into a warm house, think only one moment, to the persons who doesn't have, that meal and that house. Persons that are in the streats, that now doesn't believe in the magic of Christmas. Thank you. Now, this post, is showing what are the things that I like the most. Nailpolish, high heels, a ring,... What are your favorites things? :) And back, for the whole wide world, A MERRY CHRISTMAS HOWHOWHOW! <3


No se que pensar... Tampoco quien amar. No se si vale la pena o no. No se si tengo que bajar mis armas. Pero lo que si se esque te quiero hasta que el daño al lado empieza a encantarme y como ese daño siempre esta ahi me he acustumbrado de el. Te quiero, y no me importa lo que piensan los demas, lo mostrare a todo el mundo que mi amor para ti no es solo una broma, sino que yo encontre a esto lo que llaman, amor de verdad, una alma gemela. Amor a primera vista. No soporto mas el hueco nombrado por tu nombre, cuando no estes. No puedo, tampoco quiero vivir sin ti. Eres esta especie de persona que no podemos perder, por miedo del futuro. Quererte a mi lado, o no, quererte simplemente es la cosa mas bonita y mas agradable que he hecho nunca. Nunca mas quiero vivir, sin conocerte. Perderte es como perder a mi misma. Siento mucho escribir este texto de dolor, pero lo necesito. Necesito que entiendas que te quiero, que te adoro, que eres la unica persona que cuenta para mi. Eres tu, querido amor. TU! Nunca, nadie cojera tu sitio. Porque no eres como los otros. Eres aparte... Eres tu.



Summer 2011, where are you ? :(

Aaaah, holidays! Who doesn't like it? NOBODY! Everybody is waiting for the next summer, no? Because then we can go in another country, eat thousands ice-creams, sleaps at 2.00AM, go away with friends, summerloves, etc. It's like the heaven! In the summer we are away from all this bored lessons and those anoying teachers. What I think that's the most perfect thing, is that you can sleep how many time you want. Oh! I didn't have to forget! All the perfect festivals begins with our favorites artist. 

Xoxo A.M.

This is for Yvainke!


Hello people,
Fashion is not my passion! But just like the way you can see it's hockey. The two last pictures are from my hockeyclub. It calls 'White Star'. But the pictures are in the male... (huum) classement (?). The girl classement (?) is so much better ;p Whatever! Just play ones. I promise you, you are gonna like this sport!

xoxo A.M.


Save the world... It really need us !






Hello world! The last years are maybe verry hard for you. But I wrote this for you, so that you know that not everyone forgets you. Much people forget that if you are not here, they can't life. They are really stupid. Too much time they fortget that they have to recycle, take the trams, bus, metro, evrything else than a car.
Every day I'm thinking about this hole in the layer of dare. People are so egoïst, I promise you, earth. I promise that I'm gonna do all what I can for change all those problem.
Xoxo A.M. <3